Wednesday, May 7, 2008 - The Biofuels Backlash

The world is suddenly awakening to the folly of subsidized biofuels.  All it took was a mere global "food crisis."
Corn ethanol can now join the scare over silicone breast implants and the pesticide Alar as among the greatest scams of the age. But before we move on to the next green miracle cure, it's worth recounting how much damage this ethanol political machine is doing.

To create just one gallon of fuel, ethanol slurps up 1,700 gallons of water... The record 30 million acres the U.S. will devote to ethanol production this year will consume almost a third of America's corn crop while yielding fuel amounting to less than 3% of petroleum consumption...

Now scientists are showing that ethanol will exacerbate greenhouse gas emissions. for biofuel encourage farmers to level forests and convert wilderness into cropland. This is to replace the land diverted from food to fuel.

Congress's ethanol subsidies are merely force-feeding an industry that is doing far more harm than good.  The results include distorted investment decisions, higher carbon emissions, higher food prices for Americans, and an emerging humanitarian crisis in the developing world.

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