Monday, March 9, 2009 - Packing Heat: The Firepower of the Lowly Caulk Gun


Cutting-Edge Energy Technologies Such as Solar Panels Don't Deliver as Much Bang as Plugging Leaky Homes

Marketers, politicians and consumers like to imagine a world of solar panels, wind turbines and cars fueled by wood chips. But none of that gadgetry packs the here-and-now punch of a decades-old option: plugging leaky homes with a caulk gun.

In the drive to curb the growth in fossil-fuel use and greenhouse-gas emissions, "it's the leaky holes that matter..." 

By 2030, improving the energy efficiency of buildings could limit greenhouse-gas emissions more than ramping up either wind or solar power... And that energy-efficiency push would save more money than it costs while the renewable-energy alternatives would cost more than they save. 



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